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Daily living Skills- Support workers at Care and Support South West work closely alongside individuals and their families in order to develop daily living skills within the home and their local community in order to promote independence and help them to achieve their aspirations.

Money management- We work closely with the individual to educate, teach necessary skills and safeguard them when using money. Such as recognising  and using different coins and notes, budgeting and dealing with financial correspondents. 

Travel training- In order to achieve independence it is necessary to gain the skills that enable the individual to access local amenities. One of these skills is using public transport, we work on a 1:1 basis to support the individual to get to know the local routes, stops, stations and time tables for buses and trains. 

Work Experience- We take time to learn about each individual to find out their career choices, their strengths and skills in order to arrange work experience that is both enjoyable and achievable not only does it enhance their CV but provides greater opportunity for paid employment. As well as arranging work experience we support individuals in their current work placements.

Day services- We have a wide range of day services available including Conservation projects, Social enterprise and sports and wellbeing.  

Transitional Support- We understand that dealing with change can be very difficult and for some sufficient support is crucial, transitions may include changing schools, moving house, moving from children’s to adults services.


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Here at Care & Support we entrust our staff in delivering a wide range of quality care. All of our team members are fully trained, qualified, and insured. We also carry out CRB and DBS checks.
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  • 01803 294991
  • enquiries@caresupportsw.co.uk

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